Bluebonnet Pet Ranch


Bluebonnet University
This is a monthly training program where your student gets to come for regular daycare and have individual training sessions as well. We start with basic commands and manners and add to the skill set as we go. Owners are incorporated into the entire process to make sure we are having the greatest impact. This program, like all our training, will be tailored to the specific lifestyle you want with your dog! Tuition is $700/month. Students attend twice a week with a one hour Private Lesson included. Please inquire if you are interested in a more frequent daycare/training schedule.

Boarding School
Boarding School comes in 2, 3 and 4 week increments depending on the needs of you and your pet, an initial assessment is done to make sure we know exactly what those needs are. Basics such as "place" and loose leash walking are included as well as more advanced commands and skills. Polite manners with dogs and people are a top priority. Packages include Private Lessons and tuition starts at $1,400.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are perfect for new puppies or dogs with behavioral issues. These lessons also work well for owners who want to be involved in every aspect of the training process. Lessons are 60-75 minutes. $150/lesson or $405/3 lessons


  • Bluebonnet University $700/month
  • Boarding School $1,400+
  • Private Lessons $150 per lesson or $405 for 3 lessons